Ascent global group

A fast-growing construction company reshaping Australia's infrastructures

About the project

Ascent is an installation and labour-hire company focused on providing their clients excellent service in the construction, infrastructure, mining & resources, rail, roads, water and communications industries.
Having completely outgrown their old, simple website, they needed a branding strategy and visual identity that would go hand in hand with a cutting-edge company quickly redefining Australia's construction industry.



Web Design

Web development








The logo

Ascent's original logo included a crane hook lifting a pipe as part of its name, so it was important for us to maintain part of that essence in our final design.

A distinctively shaped uppercase letter "A", inspired by the shape of a catenary, widely used in engineering for bridge construction, was our visual solution for the logotype.




Visual identity

The new visual identity included typography showcasing the brand's professional, modern, minimalistic look and a colour palette that brought together their vibrant, dynamic, and creative personality.

To elaborate on Ascent's corporate identity, we developed a set of icons for every possible category of products and plenty of eye-catching designs.


UX UI Design

The intent of the website design was to make it highly visual and user-friendly, with high-quality images throughout the site and simplified steps for the essential functions.

Users can navigate through the different sections on the main page, use the menu icon to find the services they need or search for their desired project by means of categories in the Discover Our Projects page.