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About the project

There are specific questions that shape your brand and define its purpose. Our job is to look at your business in every imaginable way and help you find those answers, identify what makes you unique and design a strong identity that tells your brand story across all your platforms.



Web Design

Web development




Divine Homes




The logo

We completely redesigned the company’s logo so that it would align with their modern and young, yet elegant personality.

The new branding is a fusion of the core elements from the old branding. Made with simple shapes that provide the logo with a strong personality and reinforce the values of modernity and simplicity. The basic shapes also facilitate the easy reproduction of the logo on any surface and given any background.

We merged the letters D and H to never forget about the very beginnings of the business. This is definitely an elegant choice and a brand that will last over time.




Visual identity

The new colors aim to present Divine Homes as a more professional and modern firm. We wanted to enhance the principle of elegance, quality and trust -which are highly important within their target audience- by polishing the company’s colors and giving them a fresher look.